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Concept of a new PL for embedded applications


I would like to discuss with you my ideas on new programming language for embedded applications, denoted further as e#. I value your time and therefore in this post I am trying to be short and precise as much as possible.

Table of Contents

  Preface 1
  The core concept 2
  Vision in examples 3
  Concept of execution 4

My goals are:

  • Share ideas and get opinions from experienced people;
  • Stress the idea with criticism;
  • Find associates for developing the language;
  • Design a language that would help other developers to follow OOD paradigm and give them better ability for reusing once implemented objects.

The new language should (is expected to):

  • bring a disciplined approach to the "programming in a small" field;
  • suit for most of MCU platforms and experimental processors;
  • provide a good replacement for different ASM-associated languages ;
  • give a tool for automated application testing on a simulator;
  • provide better porting/multitargeting capabilities;
  • reduce impact caused by moving to another hardware platform;
  • benefit to all parties involved in developing embedded applications.

Other languages considered



Device language – its statements, being translated, are actually executed by the device(s)
Tool language – its statements are executed by a development tool on a host computer.
Builder – a development tool that controls all stages of a build process, e.g. compilation, linking, etc.

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