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Simplescope v1.1 released

This is a maintenance release of the product that includes the following fixes: 1. SISAN v 1.1   1.1. Added SISAM88 hardware schematic   1.2. Fixed TX/RX typo on SISAM690 schematic   1.3. Fixed issue with beam pattern affecting ruler pattern 2. SISAM1 v 1.1   2.1. Fixed diagnostic failure, which made product unusable if high baudrate cannot be set   2.2. Fixed issue with […]

SISAN Screenshots

In this post I have published more SISAN screenshots.

SISAN Overview

SISAN – SImlpe Signal Analyser – is a Win32 application capable to control Simple Sampler hardware, acquire sampling data, store sampling data to a file, and visualize logical signals reading data either from a file or directly from the sampler. SISAN provides basic facilities for timeline navigation, beam and surface look customization.

Overclocking COM port

Most of recent mainstream motherboards have USART chip supporting speeds above 115200. However, there are few obstacles.