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Monthly Archives: August 2006

e# roadmap

Refine vision Establish requirements Design a device metamodel

Concept of a new PL for embedded applications

Preface I would like to discuss with you my ideas on new programming language for embedded applications, denoted further as e#. I value your time and therefore in this post I am trying to be short and precise as much as possible.

Why assemblers look like they look?

This post presents results of my research regarding to assembler history, my thoughts and speculations on assembler syntax.

Assembler partitioning

This post provides my look on MP ASM and an attempt to analyze and decompose it on parts. Despite this post provides ‘partitioning’ of a MP ASM only, many similarities can be found in other assemblers.

Assemblers vs HLL

This post expresses my thoughts on assembler vs HLL use for an embedded project.

Simple sampler as a "COM2" plugin

This post presents an alternate implementation of SISAM hardware – a “COM2” plug-in. It is designed for plugging in ahead of a bracket DB9 cable, usually used for accommodating a second serial port. This implementation uses a different MCU – PIC16F88, which allows the application to utilize 30% more RAM for the sampling buffer.

Speed tickets on RS232 Level Converters

As practice has shown, simple level converter with -12V supply derived from DTR/RTS is not capable to work on high speed. Therefore I have made several tests on speed with the original PNP-based design and a RS232 line driver SN75150 and publish test results in this post. Test summary is given in Table 1.