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VELOOS 1.0 released

VELOOS is an object-oriented message-triggered cooperative operating system for 8-bit Microchip microcontrollers licensed to public under the Open Software License
Release 1.0 includes VELOOS kernel and two timer drivers (TMR0 and TMR2 based). It has been tested on the following devices: PIC12F675, PIC16F690, PIC18F248.

Download VELOOS v.1.0

Supporting other 14-bit core and 16-bit core devices

By design, VELOOS allocates its message at the end of available banked (e.g. not shared) memory. Unfortunately, standard .inc does not include constants defining memory limits, therefore refines “device model” and this refinement block has to be provided for each device to be used for a VELOOS application.

 ifdef __16F690
  include ""
  include ""
  _pic           = _pic16F690
  _pic_maxram    = 016Fh ; with shared bank excluded
  _pic_maxrom    = 0FFFh
  _pic_maxeeprom = 0FFh

With this refinement, VELOOS is expected to work for any 16-bit core devices (PIC18), and any 14-bit core (most of PIC14 and some of PIC12). Perhaps, it may also work on 12-bit core (PIC10 and some of PIC12). However, since there are no interrupts, timer drivers can not be used. Also, these devices have severe memory constraints, which make use of OS unreasonable.

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