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e# roadmap

  1. Refine vision
  2. Establish requirements
  3. Design a device metamodel
  4. Make key design decisions on the language, define a protolanguage
  5. Exercise with metamodel and protolanguage on different platforms
  6. Refine vision, requirements, metamodel, protolanguage
  7. Design the language, write BNF
  8. Pick a BNF subset covering the protolanguage and build a protocompiler
  9. Exercise with protocompiler on different platforms with different applications
  10. Make a hierarchical tree of few architectures and devices
  11. Refine vision, requirements, metamodel, protolanguage, BNF
  12. Write e# language reference
  13. Develop a compiler
  14. Design models for few architectures and develop units for few devices
  15. Ooh!

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